Bonnie Fechter

Grey Sheep


london / United Kingdom


kingston university

Bonnie Fechter focuses on creativity, originality and longevity. Produced entirely in the UK we create exclusive capsule collections in collaboration with other like minded creatives. Designed to be worn, loved and to last, each collection creates hard-wearing collectable apparel.

As designers, we've always been really passionate about clothing and design, however, quickly became disillusioned by the fast fashion industry and how it encourages a throw-away culture. We wanted to create a conceptual clothing label to make people more consumer conscious, to really appreciate the quality and design process involved and to fall back in love with clothes!

Bonnie Fechter is a unisex and seasonless clothing label that provides a platform for other like minded young creatives to collaborate with. We work by project rather than season allowing time to get to know people and product. Everything is made entirely in the UK and we aim to support other small local businesses wherever possible.

The first collection, True Grafters, is in collaboration with Studio C&C.

Latest Collection