Grey Sheep


new delhi / india


nift mumbai

The essence of BOM ÈYO rises from the unabridged coming together of sheer boldness with arrant minimalism. It is a ready to wear label which stands for the unification of polarities, portraying the feminine traits of fluidity and grace with raw edginess and strength of masculinity, embodying a sense of classy sophistication with sleek and sharp cuts.
The brand which is currently based in Delhi, was founded by Bompie Riram from Arunachal Pradesh, India. She completed her graduation from NIFT Mumbai in textile designing.
Her affinity for various combinations of geometric patterns and textures has drawn major inspiration from the age-old belief of her own traditional roots, of preserving cultural values through weaving and ornamentation.
This can be observed in the textural repertoire and fabric manipulation in her designs.
BOM ÈYO aims to instill a unique sense of self-empowerment by adding to the personality of the wearer and provides comfort, confidence, and versatility in each of its ensembles.

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