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The Bolot brand is a newcomer in fashion with European roots. It incorporates the idea of slow fashion and at the same time brings playfulness and emotion into everyday.
It is about drama, materiality and form, especially about the contrast between a girlish playfulness and the extravagance of a lady.
The main goal behind Bolot is enabling people to wear and combine their entire wardrobe and give it a new twist through Bolot clothes and accessories.

From the first day after the launch of the Bolot brand it was featured in multiple Austrian newspapers and fashion magazines. Supported and pushed by small but growing instagram followers and supporters the items were featured in several ad campaigns such as #noonecanjudgeme by Intimissimi with Constantly K and in Italian Vogue Photography.
The number of followers and collaborators is growing on a daily basis and spans from New York to Moscow.

Arina Bolotueva is the name-giver behind the brand Bolot. Born in Russia and raised in Austria, she learned from the beginning to appreciate and to unite different, almost opposing cultures.
The unique style is created through the interplay of textiles and form; a combination of classical elements and avant-garde volume creates an unmistakable language of form.
Hearts and bows are one of the key design elements and are interpreted in different ways in every collection. The key piece of our brand is leather Bow Bag in form of a bow. It can be worn in five different ways and make every look unique.
Due to the timeless but playful design and the high self-imposed quality standards, all parts of the collection are an enrichment for every wardrobe and a first step forward sustainable slow-fashion.

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