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Art University Timisoara, Romania

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We strongly believe in slow fashion, in the value of creating hand-crafted items, in taking the time needed to create a unique piece of clothing. We support the courage of trying out new styles, in searching, finding and redefining your perfect look!
We also support locally produced goods and services for a collective business growth. We are a great example of the work and fearlessness it takes to follow your dreams, to build something from nothing, to constantly grow and change for the better.
We appreciate all the support and trust we got through the years, helping us develop both our team and technique: from a student “playing” around with fabrics and posting it online, to a fully established fashion house and a great crew of people who work together to make (our) world, at least visually, more appealing.
We believe in team work, in mutual creative growth, in the power of a perfectly cut dress!

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