Black Sheep


Landgraaf / netherlands


Academy of Fine Arts and Design Maastricht

Graduation year


Main Manufacturing Countries


My graduation collection Bluedenîmes changed me as a person.
Before this collection, I wasn't convinced of myself yet. But this collection
was perfect to me, it took away all my insecurities. It was the first thing I
showed to the public, my first step into the world as a fashion designer. Bluedenîmes
is exactly who I am; I have an indescribable passion for denim and the color blue.
I simply want to make beautiful clothes for the male body I am intrigued with.
It gives me this thrill, but it also calms my mind. I am a very technical designer,
so I spend a lot of time developing and cutting patterns. This gives me most of my ideas
regarding construction and details. I put a lot of effort in the details.
The details have to look great in my opinion, only then will people start
to desire your clothing.

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