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I am not a designer, I'm conceptualist.
Fashion amuses me. I like to play with different styles, creating a different look each day but maintaining my core identity. I want to wear anything and everything but only what I love.
By creating Blondifox I want to share with you my vision of ​​fashion and supporting the art of being yourself.
BlondiFox is about embodying freedom, charm comfort and timelessness. We are modern pioneers of individuality
For natural, chic and cheeky women.
The brand is inspired from childhood and plays with these codes.
With Blondifox, our first goal is to offer sustainable products and quality at an affordable price.
We always seek to produce in Europe and attach great importance to manufacturing conditions.
The integrity of the collection is at the heart of our philosophy.
In a world dominated by fast fashion and low quality, our desire is to be unique and provide longevity.
We have small collections and small productions.
Our promise: Made with love and insolence!

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