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amsterdam / The Netherlands


naba - nuova accademia di belle arti, milano

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We are two sisters who have been dreaming of starting a brand of our own since we were teens. In pursuit of this desire, one of us took up business studies and the other one - fashion. Early in 2017 we decided it is time to take a plunge and kick it off. This is how we founded blonde gone rogue.
The idea behind the brand is to produce high quality womenswear with a playful twist. As we are passionate nature lovers, sustainability has been a core value for our brand since the beginning. We are concentrating on using sustainable materials that are kind to the environment. Next to this, we work closely with the people who produce our designs making sure there is a friendly working environment where everyone is treated equally and with respect.
Our designs are an expression of who we are - young, passionate and free.
We create to have fun and hope that this energy can be spread through our garments to the people who choose to wear them!

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