Black Sheep





raffles college of design and commerce

Graduation year


Blindeyes stands for the contrast between the forgotten in the world and the dynamic use of silhouette and material to draw attentionto what the people neglectful or oblivion. The designer has the belief nothing can stand forever, she is trying to use the artistic expression to add value and bring back the forgotten stories to the world. The designer uses an experimental approach to revaluate the reality and underline the brand mission.

Most of the work draws influence from destruction, deconstruction and the mixing of Eastern and Western style. The designer’s passion for fabric and colour led to designing the majority of the pieces by hand.

The brand describes its aesthetics like storytelling to express the narrative behind the design, using unconventional ways to bring back the forgotten to the present. The designer’s experimental designs and performance art pieces cover both men’s and women’s wear.

Latest Collection