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The history of BLIND began in 2014, when designer Alesia Blind chose a rare and complex direction for Ukraine - clothes in the bespoke format.

All models were created exclusively to order, according to individual standards, taking into account all the requirements and wishes of the client. After 2 years BLIND starts to work in two directions. Continuing to work with individual orders, the brand extends the line of casual wear.

Henceforth, BLIND becomes possible to buy right here and now, which finds a positive response from the fans of the brand. To date, BLIND has been successfully developing in both directions, allowing clients to get the most out of cooperation. But still the main idea of ​​the brand is the love for individuality, uniqueness and femininity, love for beauty and style. It is these feelings that are reflected in the new collection from BLIND.

Based on the adoration of such a versatile wardrobe as a dress, the designer Alesia Blind has developed models that can turn her head. Perfectly emphasizing the silhouette and giving confidence, the dresses from the new collection from BLIND will be the occasion for chic parties and dizzying outlets.