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Brand designers A.O and A.TS met each other on BENEXT INTERNATIONAL FASHION DESIGN CONTEST, we were both participating with our personal collections at that time. We both won and we were granted a prize - that was a full scholarship for attending the Fashion design Masters Course in HFFA and workshop in DOMUS ACADEMY in Milan. We went there and lived together for a while. In Milan generally, fashion education is conducted at a very high level and the knowledge we gained, assisted us in paving our ways forward and is still helping us to work professionally, by satisfying the high standards of the fashion industry
After having returned to Georgia, we met and decided to try and make a collaboration which was pretty successful and which led later to our unification as one brand. Our vision is very alike, our taste and our passion and of course the will to work hard almost nonstop brings us even closer and all of it is exposed through our collections.
People say that we both are too young, to have studied other degrees before fashion design.
Generally in Georgia we go to the Universities really early at an age when you are not exactly sure what your real passion is. Ani graduated graphic design while Anka graduated architecture but in the end both became fashion designers. None of us regrets though, as both architecture and graphic design assist us well in creating prints, drawing, developing techniques and they are also great sources of inspiration. Fashion is not just clothing it is primarily art and a strong tool of self-expression in today’s world.
generally our working process is too hard but amusing, and you can hear us laughing in the studio most of the times
Blikvanger, a brand that brings to peace different styles from Grunge to classic aims to reflect unique and eclectic nature of people. It seeks to unravel the multidimensional personality and diverse temper. This is exactly what the concept and the meaning of the brand is about – The BLIKVANGER or THE EYE CATCHER.

Blikvanger is to dare, have fun, be fun, be confidently cool, be risky, enjoy life!

Blikvanger is inspired by everything it is surrounded by: people, nature, art, colors, architecture, sounds… And this is just one angle its collections are based on!