Blank Etiquette

Grey Sheep


berlin / germany


kunsthochschule berlin weissensee - school of art and design

Graduation year


Focusing on men’s wear, Tosca Wyss, the designer behind the label Blank Etiquette pays the greatest attention to high quality characteristics in every piece created.
By linking urban streetwear with high - end fabrics and exclusive embroidery in the collections, Blank Etiquette creates its very own vision of modern streetwear for individual people.

Inspired by different aspects of everyday life, social relations and globalization, Blank tiquette`s collections can be understood as a
collage. That`s why her pieces appear surprisingly new and fresh every season.

Tosca Wyss uses her talent to develop unconventional fabric combinations and colour palettes within the collection, always with great attention to details, elaborated fit and unique refinement through embroidery. The merging of all of these components and influences create the unique ‘Blank Etiquette’ style.

Our aspiration is to provide the customer with unique and long-lasting pieces.
The collections are produced in a full - size range but with limited numbers to ensure the exclusive and high quality character of every piece.
By implementing a numeral system ranging from 1- max. 50 per style., the aim is to ensure the exclusive and artistic aspect of every single piece- offered as a product totally dissociated from fashion as a mass-consumption product.
So every single piece created will have his own number and will only be available once.