Grey Sheep


derbyshire / United Kingdom


de monfort university

Graduation year


I am Natasha Blair, a final year fashion design student at De Montfort University, Leicester.

​Colouring in outfits as well as styling my Barbie and Bratz dolls for the runaway was the highlight of my childhood. Whenever I was taken to the doctors or dentist, I always enjoyed, reading through the magazines... well skipping past the blogs and straight to the imagines of outfits worn by celebrities.

When I studied textiles at Secondary school I became inspired in fashion and researched into different designers. I was also heavily influenced by films and still am to this day. I remember when I first Watched the Hunger Games, I was thoroughly inspired by the costumes. The garments worn by the character of Effie Trinket designed my Alexander McQueen was breathtaking.

All through college and university studying fashion gave me such a thrill. I loved working through the process of making a garment. Fashion is a work of art. I am aspiring for a career within the fashion industry and have a passion for art, design, pattern cutting, sewing, styling and creative directing.

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