Un Orange Label Project: Fashion Says No to Violence Against Women

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The Orange Label Project, run and supported by the UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women, London College of Fashion and SHOWstudio, will engage and connect the issue of violence against women with new audiences, particularly young people, through a series of creative activities.

For this project, and marking the 20th anniversary of UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women (UNTF), fashion disciplines will unite against violence against women. Fashion Says NO to Violence Against Women calls for fashion students from around the world, and across disciplines, to produce a piece of work incorporating the project colour orange. The colour reference is CMYK 5/70/100/7 or RGB 216/103/34.

A prize of £500 will be awarded for each category, listed below. This amount will be awarded to the individual or split between the winning group. Every year the UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women raises and distributes funds to support the ultimate goal of preventing and ending violence against women and girls. 

This year, alongside the student competition detailed below, influential fashion creators are being asked to make work that carries the message 'NO to violence against women'. Through six categories and one simple brief within each category, the project and its parters, including London College of Fashion, will together collate a body of work that raises awareness of the core message, educates, informs and involves audiences worldwide.

The categories are:

| Fashion Design
| Fashion Film and Moving Image
| Fashion Illustration
| Fashion Photography
| Fashion Journalism
| Fashion Beauty

How to Apply

To enter, you must send a digital image of your work by the deadline 17 October 2016 and the best entries judged by a panel of representatives from LCF, SHOWstudio and the UN Trust Fund will appear on all three websites in a gallery of images. You can enter as an individual or group. The colour reference is CMYK 5/70/100/7 or RGB 216/103/34. The orange label is a colour, emblem, tag or sign that represents The United Nations Trust Fund: Fashion says NO to violence against women’ project.

The aim of this project is to send a positive message that together we can eliminate this problem. We ask that all entries are sensitive to the subject matter and are not specific to particular cases or individual stories. We want to inspire, rather than shock. To apply, simply select which category you would like to enter, then download the appropriate brief. You will need to fill in an application form (which can be downloaded above) that relates to your circumstances - whether you're applying as a group or individual - and send this along with your entry.

Please do not post your work on social media until 25 November 2016, but before that date you are free to say that you are getting involved in the project. Please refer to the project brief for full details and specification (at the top of this page on the right hand side).

Digital Submissions

| Please send your work by email directly (instead of using a transfer service such as WeTransfer) to orangelabelproject@arts.ac.uk in PDF format no bigger than 10MB.
| Film entries should be uploaded to a hosting service such as Youtube, Vimeo or Youku.
| Make sure you also attach the application form.
| Please use 'Orange Label Project Education Competition' in the subject field of your email.
| Please check all the details on the brief for your chosen category.

Social Media Take Over Day

On 25th November 2016 we ask all participating designers to upload an image of their work on to Instagram and Twitter
Use the hashtag #Orangetheworld #UNTF #16days #Orangelabelproject
Please do not upload images of your finished work before this date. We want the digital world to turn orange on that day in support of the UNTF.

Connect with us

| #Orangelabelproject
| Twitter @UNTrustFundEVAW
| Instagram @UNwomen