Space Fund by thisopenspace


$30,000 for brands and creators. Fueling projects for our community of brand builders and idea-makers in New York City with spaces for pop-ups, production, and events. thisopenspace created the Space Fund in collaboration with our Creative Council to invest in the ideas of New York City’s creators. On September 15th, 30 brand builders and ideamakers will be selected and given access to space allowances to activate IRL.

How it Works
1. Join thisopenspace's community
2. Submit your retail or creative concept by September 15th
3. Get selected to access the Space Fund
4. Book your space to activate IRL

What is the Space Fund?
Space Fund is thisopenspace’s initiative to fuel 30 creative and retail projects in New York. We’ve allocated $30,000 to cover the cost of booking space on our marketplace to help brand builders, entrepreneurs and artists bring their ideas to life in NYC. With help from our Creative Council, we’ll be selecting 30 of the best concepts to be given space allowances ranging from $500 -$6,000. You can submit your application for the Space Fund here through September 15th, and fund recipients will be announced the week of September 19th.

What types of projects are being considered for Space Fund?
All concepts - commercial and creative - are being considered for the Space Fund.  We’re looking to fund creatives and brand builders with ideas for innovative projects that require physical space to come to life. 

How are Space Fund recipients selected?
Our esteemed Creative Council will support thisopenspace in the selection of the best creative and commercial concepts to be awarded Space Fund marketplace credits.  Our Creative Council includes Mollie Chen (Co-Founder and Advisor at Birchbox), Tiffany Yanetta (Shopping Director at Racked at Vox Media, Inc.), Lyndon Cormack (Co-Founder at Herschel Supply Co.), Kashem Miah (Global Digital Community at Shutterstock), Barbara Torasso (Global Retailer Relations Capsule Show), Nasrene Haj (Co-Director and Co-Founder at The Creators Collective), and Zuleika Sgro (VP Retail at Saje). 

How will the Space Fund be sponsorships be allocated?
Space Fund sponsorships will be allocated as marketplace credits according to the following distribution: $6,000 (1 recipient), $3,000 (2 recipients), $1,000 (9 recipients), $500 (18 recipients)

What does the Space Fund cover?
Space Fund marketplace credits cover the cost of booking any of thisopenspace’s 500+ spaces in New York in the specified amount, ranging from $500-$6,000.

How can I use Space Fund marketplace credits to fund my project?
Space Fund marketplace credits may only be used to cover the cost of booking a space in New York on thisopenspace’s marketplace. thisopenspace cannot offer any additional sponsorship for fund recipients.

How do I know how much Space Fund credit to apply for?
Once you’ve thought through your concept, browse our 500+ spaces in New York to find a few spaces that you love!  Get a sense of how much it will cost to book one of these spaces for your desired amount of time (a few hours, or day, a week or longer) by entering your desired booking dates.  This will help you figure out approximately how much marketplace credit you will need to execute on your project. *Please note that base pricing listed on thisopenspace’s marketplace is subject to change based on requested times, dates and seasonality.

If I apply for a sponsorship of a certain amount but am not selected, can I be considered for a lower amount of sponsorship?
Yes. Please note in your application that you would be open to receiving a lower amount of sponsorship, should your concept not be selected for the amount selected in your application. 

Do I have to be based in New York to be eligible for the Space Fund?
No, you do not have to be based in New York to be eligible for the Space Fund. However, all fund recipients will be required to use their marketplace credits to execute on their concepts in one of thisopenspace’s New York spaces. 

When can I use the space?
Space Fund recipients can choose the dates they want to book any of thisopenspace’s 500+ spaces in New York, contingent on the host’s availability. Marketplace credits must be used to book the space by December 31, 2017, however the event date is at the fund recipient’s discretion.

Where is the space located?
Fund recipients can choose to use their marketplace credit to book any of thisopenspace’s 500+ spaces in New York. You can view thisopenspace’s spaces here.

How long can I book the space for?
Fund recipients can book their desired space for any length of time, as long as the total booking amount does not exceed the marketplace credit awarded (or the recipient agrees to contribute any amount above the marketplace credit amount towards the booking).

Are there any fees to participate?
There are no fees to apply for the Space Fund.  Space Fund recipients will be awarded marketplace credits in amounts ranging from $500 - $6,000, which are intended to cover the cost of booking any of thisopenspace’s 500+ spaces in New York. It is the fund recipient’s responsibility to select an appropriate space on thisopenspace’s marketplace. *Please note that pricing listed on thisopenspace’s marketplace is subject to change based on requested times, dates and seasonality. Fund recipients are required to message hosts directly to request to book the space, determine final pricing, and ensure total amount is within budget. Should Space Fund recipients wish to book a space for any length of time where the total cost of booking exceeds the marketplace credit awarded, the Space Fund recipient will be required to pay any amount above the amount of the marketplace credit. Space Fund marketplace credits do not cover equipment or furniture rentals offered by the host. Space Fund recipients will be required to pay a fully refundable security deposit in the amount requested by the host, which will be returned to the guest 48 hours after the event date, as long as there are no claims.

How do I find and book the space for my project?
Fund recipients can browse thisopenspace’s 500+ spaces in New York here.  When you find a space you’d like to consider booking for your project, message the host through thisopenspace’s platform to confirm pricing for your desired dates and ask any questions you have about the space.  Once you’ve decided on the space you want to book, email for instructions on how to apply your marketplace credit to your booking. If you need assistance finding the perfect space for your project, email, and we’ll be happy to guide your search and offer suggestions.