Elephantasia: Call For Submissions!

Notice board

As recently featured by the The New York Times, The Huffington Post and UK Vogue, Elephantasia, represents the "fashion for conservation" movement through runway and museum exhibitions globally. Not Just a Label designers are invited to curate a unique elephant-inspired design to be featured in Elephantasia. This traveling exhibition returns to the runway in the US this November and in Australia, United Kingdom, South Africa and Berlin 2017/18. 

Elephantasia aims raise awareness and funds for the African elephants killed for their ivory at a rate of 96 each day through the #AfricanWildlifeFoundationa and #WorldElephantDay. 

Elephantasia invites NJAL designer brands to join the global movement as soon as this November. 

How to Apply

| Requirements: design must be unique to submitting brand and inspired by the elephant.  
| Submission: please include an overview of the brand history or designer bio and a sketch with a detailed explanatory caption of the inspiration and materials proposed. There is no limit to the number of design submissions. Up to one design is accepted per brand. Up to 12 brands are accepted due to our commitment to focus on a small number of brands per exhibition.
| Timeline: Submissions between October 1st-January 1st will be considered for Spring and Fall2017.
| Fee:  There is no required participation fee. We invite brands to participate in any of our three optional fashion for elephants fundraisers (please inquire). Transportation costs must be covered to and from the origin. Pieces will be returned by the 1st of the following month with pre-paid shipping.
| Media use: all publications surrounding the submitted piece must be consulted with a representative of the Elephantasia team to ensure that the campaign is properly represented. All media pertaining to the submitted piece will be shared with a representative of the submitting brand and consulted before featured in any major publication.
| Send you submission to: Ava J Holmes A@adotproductions.com