Designer Mentoring with Seth Friedermann

Fashion industry vetran Seth Friedermann has dedicated more than 14 years to working in multiple capacities within the fashion industry— and now he would like to give back.  His experience extends from founding his own company Ignite Designer Managment (Ignite DMA) and acting as contributing educator to Open Source Fashion, among other businesses, and now Seth Friedermann is offering to give support to designers in New York and world wide. For whatever price is affordable. 

Starting Ignite DMA four year ago to help designers who couldn’t afford the knowledge and strategies that they needed to stay in business, he is opening a call to all designers who would like to consult with him with the goal to increases sales or other aspects of their businesses. He says he has worked 'in virtually every aspect of the industry and can provide effective solutions in content driven social media, sales strategies for online stores, business structure and planning, branding and marketing and negotiating with suppliers, partners, and investors.' 

Starting now he is willing to offer any designer, anywhere in the world, his expertise, vision, and time, for whatever they can afford.  

Ways to meet:  Chatting on Skype, on the phone, or for New York-based designers, meeting in person

Who Can Apply: English speaking designers, additionally designers who can provide a translator will be accepted

Logistics: Group meetings can also be arranged and the help provided can be one or multiple sessions as needed 

Seth says "I’m dedicating myself to this from today until I can’t do it any more. I mean every word and am passionate about helping your business. Whatever you need, for whatever you can afford."

Please find Seth Friedermann's contact at the left of this page. 

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