Calling All Commonwealth Designers and Craftspeople


Are you based in one of the 52 Commonwealth countries?

Eco-Age is working on an incredible new project that highlights crafts and skills across the globe, through fashion. This project is about celebrating and raising awareness of the traditional handcrafting and artisanal skills, innovative technology, and diverse materials of the Commonwealth.

The project will be launched in February 2018 during London Fashion week and involves designers and artisans working collaboratively to create a look. All artisans and designers form Commonwealth country should reach out ASAP – before the end of November.

If you are an artisan, crafter or association based in one of the 52 Commonwealth countries and if you create textiles, beadwork, embroidery or tailoring, get in touch and share your story!

Please send an email with your (1)name, (2)nationality, (3)contact details and (4)images and description of your work to: