Black Blessed

Black Sheep


rome / italy

BLACKBLESSED is a total look brand based in Rome, channeling a dark imagery with a minimal design, revisiting italian tailoring classics in an avant-gard way.

The brand's collections are strong and bold but minimalistic at the same time; featuring clever cuts, monochromatic looks and a signature contemporary italian sartorial touch. The line features around 50 styles per collection per season,100% Made in Italy in a wide variety of fabrics that go from viscose to silk, satin, crepe, wool, cachemire, velvet, poplin, cupro and more.
Statement prints featuring slogans taken from latin classic culture are often present in the collections, there to remind where the roots of this brand come from; the ethernal city of Rome.

Established in 2013 Blackblessed has managed to garner a lot of attention from the market lately with high-profile collaborations like the ones with NIKE and TOPSHOP and a corner at Harvey Nichols.