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london / United Kingdom

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Bianca Elgar is a multi-award-winning designer who has created capsule wardrobe collection of uncomplicated modern shapes, coupled with a broad portfolio of wearable-art accessories. In addition to her clothing and her innovative scarf collection, there is her modular magnetic jewellery collection, “Carissa”.
Bianca’s work is inspired by a passion for creativity, an expression of individuality and high-quality British craftsmanship. Her luxurious
Clothing and heirloom accessories are designed to complement each other or be worn separately to create easy, go-to wardrobe staples. Her latest print collection, “The Language of Flowers” has just been awarded the platinum prize in the A ‘Design Awards for 2017-2018.
Bianca’s striking print designs are all created through the silk-screen process and then digitally printed to allow for deep ink penetration to show the vivid colours and designs on each side of the fabric.
Her collections use only the finest quality silk and include the innovative, award-winning Three-Sided Skinnies, the unique Sleeve Scarves and versatile tops. Finished by hand with delicate pin-hem stitching, the attention to detail is apparent in each piece.

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