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Thank you for visiting. My name is Ricky Bhowram, I am a luxury designer for the self entitled brand, Bhowram Atelier. I come from a lineage of craftsmen that has been setting the standards of luxury for over four generations. Being born in the Caribbean (Trinidad), a lot of my inspirations come from the environment and the melting pot of rich cultures. I think it’s only natural that our fashion should also progress in the direction, of a technologically evolving planet and lifestyle. For that reason I am constantly experimenting with the integration of technology into apparel. The vision for BA is to promote a culture and influence the psyche of our generation towards development but in a sustainable manner. I consider myself a scientist as much as I identify as an artist or designer; both are seeking ingenious ways of representing very abstract ideas in a tangible or visual form. For this reason Bhowram Atelier was created as a platform for a finding the balance.

The company was forged under humble beginnings with all functions carried out by me, in an environment that was not accepting to change. Belief in my vision and tenacity forced people to start paying attention to my story. The BA aesthetic is a playful mix of hard and soft, a very youthful approach to classic tailoring paired with voluminous romance in tulle, silks, and chiffons. BA experiments with augmented reality for our custom printed fabrics and labels. I believe that a brand is more than a collection; it’s an experience and a statement. As much as possible we try to take our customers on this visual journey through our shoots and fashion videos. In 2015, BA was bestowed the honour of representing Trinidad and Tobago at Western Canadian Fashion Week by special invitation. BA now has its prize set on the world, to let everyone know our message. But to do it with style, timeless elegance, sophistication and that touch of humanity.

The Bhowram Atelier Mission
The BA mission is to birth items of modern luxury, elegance, and sophistication for the present day and for generations to come. Our products and the words they speak, should inspire the customer to dream for a better world through technological innovation while preserving nature and culture, and to celebrate human spirit and body.

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