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BEV•EL [bev-uh l] /ˈbɛvəl/ noun, verb to meet at an angle other than a right angle, or the slant thus formed. The philosopher Joseph Campbell wrote that there are only two myths – the hero’s quest, and the hero’s journey home. Each of us makes his/her way in the world, and the journey home is how we reconcile our deeds with our personal values - what we accomplish vs. who we want to be. Where those two meet forms a bevel in each of our lives. Each generation has to come at it a new way - at a different angle - and it's how the individual today chooses to confront eternal issues that define each person. Our BEVEL is to provide objects of worship. Each object has a narrative associated with it. Think of them as a key that will open a door in your life. There are doors that you walk by daily but never notice. Ideas are like keys, they are the means to enter into a personal dialoged with the self, and opportunity to focus attention on something internal via external icons, allowing the viewer to relate the outside world to the inner to gain new perspective. The ultimate goal is to unify the self, internal and external. We hope to assist you in opening some doors, and aiding in some dialogues with your self. May the BEVEL object serve as a reminder of something in you, ultimately in us all, not yet vocalized.
BEVEL objects are handmade from wood, semi precious stones, .925 Sterling Silver, and Gold.

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