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The fashion label BERLINA PFLANZE, founded in 2013 by Inga Lieckfeldt, aims to create pieces as unique as the owners themselves. The Berlin-born designer places great value on the manufacturing process and seeks to provide an alternative to the common trends. Therefore every piece is handmade and unique (never replicated) with a dedication to quality. All collections are designed and manufactured in the city of Berlin. The brand combines elegant designs, quality materials and an attention to detail to create a quality product, which allows the owner to express her personal style. The brand values originality.

In 2014, 2015 and 2016 Inga Lieckfeldt presented her collections during Berlin Fashion Week. She dressed Iggy Pop’s daughter-in-law for the GreenTec Awards and flamboyant personality, Jorge González, for the German Radio Prize. In 2017 Lieckfeldt got involved as juror and laudator at 10th Green Me Global Festival for Sustainability Berlin. Slow Fashion and Production on demand belong to the brand's philosophy and the designer's values.

"For me [Inga Lieckfeldt], Berlin is a unique city that tells the story of all the people who live here. I was born and raised in this city, so I am what the people here call a “Berliner Pflanze”. The city and all of its allure inspires me, and I try to give my designs a touch of the charming character of the German capital. I have always had my own distinct style, and for me there is no better feeling than wearing a unique or handmade garment. I want to share that feeling with other women. This is how the whole concept of BERLINA PFLANZE developed – “each design is unique!” I strive to create designs as unique as the people who wear them."

Like the city of Berlin itself, BERLINA PFLANZE by Inga Lieckfeldt stands for individuality and uniqueness. Her collections are available at selected boutiques and exclusive pop-up stores.

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