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BENEDETTI life is a sustainable and animal free luxury fashion label, founded by the award-winning designer Matea Benedetti.
Nature and life are our inspirations.

We are placing the coexistence of luxury aesthetics, environmental consciousness, responsible consumerism and ethical business practices at the centre of our craftsmanship. By combining our extensive knowledge of luxury design, our commitment to innovations and more sustainable production practices, we are rethinking how we conceive, produce and sell sustainable and timeless fashion art pieces that go beyond trends.
We are committed to environmental protection and the preservation of life
in all of its forms.

Benedetti Life uses only non-toxic and organic textiles and production practices, which do not harm the water, soil or human health. We care deeply about the quality of manufacturing processes and supply chains, and we put workers’ conditions at the forefront of our operations. We only produce locally and “Made in Italy”.

We are a transparent and ethical company, working with passion, love and mindfulness.
We believe that by fostering this mission, we can change the fashion industry and its consumption for the better.

Animal free - Innovative - Luxury - Organic - Ethical - Non toxic

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