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Brand // BELEN AMIGO is a brand which navigates through the feminine universe telling stories of poetry, melancholy and a peculiar personal viewpoint. Created in 2013 by the argentine fashion designer Belen Amigo, it is marked by exploring the fusion between different genres and occasions of use, achieving flexible and comfortable garments that adapt to different bodies. Simple yet well defined lines, along with complex silhouettes take a major role in reshaping the human figure. Marist details, paper textures, figurative embroideries, morbid silhouettes and fantastic stories coexist and define the AMIGO universe.

Main activity// design and sale of women's clothing.

Brand Positioning // Belen Amigo is part of a new generation of argentine designers to thrive since 2010. Marked by the pursue of their own style and brand, Belen Amigos has 7 years in the industry and 5 years as a brand. Belen Amigo was born in the rural province of Chaco, but was able to establish a solid brand in the heart of competitive Buenos Aires City, among other top argentine fashion firms.

Unique characteristics // BELEN AMIGO’s drive is to find clever and stylish clothing solutions for its customers, achieving this through different styles and pieces that adapt to any moment of everyday life.
linen, silk and cotton are combined with some artificial ones such as tencel, viscose and cupro. Quality in each design is the brand’s soul purpose, enabling BELEN AMIGO to deliver garments that remain in fashion ever after years of purchase.

Nota // With more than 10 original collections, BELEN AMIGO has achieved a wide catalogue of high quality garments, enabling the brand to firmly adapt to international markets. The brand is looking forward to designing exclusive products for new international markets.

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