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ravensbourne college of design and communication

B DODI IS A UK based Leather and jewellery designer who specialises in 3D printing, a fashion accessories line with a  unisex and fetish feel. 

her Designs have a luxurious boudoir edge in a subtle, eclectic and innovative way with the use of  special techniques such as 3D printing. 

Bespoke products range from carefully selected materials and are tailor-made such as bespoke ear cuffs, necklaces, pendents, harnesses, collars.  they are created  from a range of other special manufactured materials. Clients chose from a variety of metals, stones, diamonds, chains, leathers. from dark to bright hues.

Her collection is inspired by tribal and dark aesthetics, creating and developing unique hand-crafted and digitally manufactured  designs‎. Each piece bonding a unique unisex appeal. All pieces are of bespoke quality and crafted individually in B Dodi atelier.  

Beatrice Dodi aka B_Dodi is an Italian designer currently based in London, where all her designs are developed and manufactured.
She has been showcasing her work in various trade shows to date, from specific events catering to 3D printing innovative designs and avant-garde fashion-shows in UK and internationally.
To name but a few:
-100% Design Show
-3D Print Show
-DesignersBlock_London 2014 and Milan 2015 editions
-Le Boutique Bazaar_by Wasted Chic _Pop-up shopping event for those with unconventional taste- Feb 2015, Oct/Nov 2015, Jan 2016- As seen in: LOOK, Time Out, Emerald Street, Londonist, InStyle, Toni & Guy magazine
- LED London fashion Week 20 February 2016

B Dodi is a multifaceted designer and artist.
Her main interest is exploring and experimenting different ways of constructing fashion accessories, jewellery and garments. She has been at the forefront of 3D printing and fashion, creating 3D printed outfits and avant-garde accessories. She loves mixing latest technologies and more traditional techniques. The tribal feeling is all over her collections. Animal skulls, skeletons, snakes, bones are inspirations and intrinsic element of her aesthetic.

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