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École de la chambre syndicale de la couture parisienne

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B+B creates inclusive fashion for people of all ages, gender and body types.

Individuality & Inclusivity. Inspired by inspiring people, we create inclusive fashion that empowers people and brings out their individuality, regardless of age, gender expression, and body type. We believe in the beauty of individuality.
Inner Beauty. B+B produces age and gender independent clothes which emphasize the inner beauty of the individual wearer. We develop special innovative fabrics that allow and enable gender-independent cuts without compromising the shape and individual body features of our customers.
Sustainability. We don’t follow trends nor fashion seasons, we develop sequential collections in order to optimize the design and wearing comfort. No over-production, our collections grow with our customer base.
B+B is a fashion brand and design studio. We produce in Europe in close collaboration with selected manufactory partners who provide fair and safe working conditions for their employees.
Our collections and art projects reflect our community: we work with artists, musicians, models, individuals of all backgrounds, ages, gender expression and body types including gender-nonconforming people. Our team reflects our philosophy - we work and collaborate with people from all over the world. Designer Fabrice Couturier and his core team are rooted in the LGBTQ community, our brand ambassadors, as well as our collaboration partners, are people with various backgrounds.
B+B is determined to create clothes that make people with all body types feel good about themselves. We work for a world without limiting beauty standards. a world where we ALL are seen and celebrated for our individual beauty. Instead of using standard size charts, we have developed a new color-system to challenge stigmatizing body standards.
We believe in inclusive fashion as a necessary and consequent answer to social changes. We are in a permanent dialogue with our customers and community in order to develop fashion that empowers the wearer.
B+B is a global unisex fashion brand - since 2011.