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madrid / spain


I.e.d. Istituto europeo di design

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Bastian Viana, born in 1991 in the north of Brazil, grew up among the arid and desert landscapes of the northeast of the country. After long periods between Rio, Lima and Buenos Aires, he settled in Madrid after graduating in 2018 from the European Institute of Design. In early 2020 he presents his first summer-spring /20 proposal, entitled Las Dalias. Bastian Viana, is a mix of tropical surrealism, insight and constant creative evolution. From a very young age, he began his arduous and exciting journey into the exciting and changing fashion industry, with a timeless vision, designs with simple lines, vibrant colors and a concept that evolves into an elegant, sophisticated firm under the motto ''dedicated to who I am and who I love in the past, present and future''.

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