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esad (school of arts and design)

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Barbara is an enthusiastic jewelry designer living and working in Oporto, Portugal.
Recently graduated in 2011 from Jewellery Design, Barbara started developing her work in 2012, on the fashion runaway of Pedro Pedro (i.e. a well-known Portuguese fashion designer) in ModaLisboa, with a jewellery collection she personally designed to combine with the concept of the clothes.

Born and raised in a family with a passion of collecting antiques, Barbara, surrounded by a vintage world found inspiration at home for some of her jewelry. She enjoys exploring not only objects, but also old materials and techniques, childhood memories and family traditions, with the intention of materializing past experiences into unique pieces.
Further, during her degree she also developed a passion of exploring organic materials combined with simplistic lines, inspired by natural plants, living systems and biodiversity.
Barbara also makes jewellery with practical character and industrial look, thinking from the user's point of view and adding multi-functionality to the object.

In general her pieces are either romantic or minimalistic, with a feminine side or masculine simplicity, combining tradition and inovation, depending on the purpose of the jewellery and the designer's mood.

Versatility is a common feature present in most of her criations, not wanting to be attached to a single style, Barbara Goyri always tries to explore different sources of inspiration and variations of construction in her jewellery, so that the user can wear it in several ways.

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