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Baobab is a brand with a high level of environmental commitment. For every swimsuit you purchase we will plant a tree on your behalf. By doing such we seek to raise awareness about the importance of giving back to earth and henceforth growing passion for nature. The essential pillar of this project responds to the need to give back to our country in every possible way we can, the first of which is recognizing and cultivating the value of the biodiversity that characterizes Colombia. Through every piece we intend to educate on the real meaning of respect and care for nature.

Crafted by Colombian hands, each piece brings out the beauty of the authentic woman, honoring their originality and natural style, emphasizing their femininity and essence. The designs are inspired by landscapes of the Colombian flora and fauna that reflect the colorful and uniqueness of our land. Each swimsuit leads a route, from the Amazon rainforest to the colorful Caribbean sea, passing through deserts, valleys, plateaus, mountains and rivers.