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madrid / spain

BAMBAM is a #peopleswear brand based in Madrid (Spain). They say that “to be labelled is to be limited” so we prefer to do without qualifying or segmenting audiences to something as abstract as clothing or design are.

We work small, modest and with lots of love to make the clothes that we really would love to wear. Yes, just another “anti-fashion” brand (trends and seasons free) but not another ordinary one. Inspired by past, future, “cool-ture” and MWOL (Millennial Way Of Life), we came here to have fun doing one of the things we love the most: dressing people who just love dressing differently from one’s neighbour, apreciating the value of an ethic, local and small-scale production.

This project is just a way to tell the world: “hey, we can!”. This is a frenetic dream that has come true and we would love to share it with you in each posted word and every inch of fabric.

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