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Born in Bayamón, Puerto Rico to Cuban and Puerto Rican parents, Zaida grew up in the countryside sorrounded by mango and avocado trees, chickens and horses. Her mother and grandmother: master crafswomen who believe that everything can be done at home. The house was full of ribbon, thread, fabric and sewing machines, and there was always a new project to be done. In this household full of creativity she developed an effervescent interest in the Arts.

Zaida graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in 2011, after spending two years studying at POLIMODA in Florence, and the Politecnico di Milano, in Milan. She holds a BFA in International Fashion Design: Knitwear Specialization.

Committed to ethical/sustainable practices, throughout the design/production process, she has interned with Twinkle by Wenlan, Auralis' Studio and STUDY NY. She is a true believer in quality over quantity, interested in research, and exploring the realm between art and fashion. Her pieces emphasize the meaningful results we can obtain while using alternative methods to create unconventional clothes that are beautiful and fair to everyone. She feels that going the extra mile usually brings out surprising ideas and creative solutions to an industry that needs a new set of values.

Zaida’s work has been recently exhibited at the MMXIproject (Tribeca Grand Hotel, NYC), the Mittelmoda design Competition in Gorizia, Italy, and at the Ethical Fashion Show in Paris, France. She was one of the eight finalists for The Green Fashion Competiton, and showed her CALAFURIA collection during Amsterdam Fashion Week in late January 2012.

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