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universidad politécnica de madrid centro superior de diseño de moda de madrid

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OUR DESIGNS: simple, direct, intelligent , humane and with a touch of humor. We want to eliminate anxiety and frustration of being fashionable because fashion is fun and we believe in optimism. Most important to us is the freedom and control because we believe that the best results are achieved with the creative tension of new ideas and rigorous control of numbers. We want our customers love us for the products we provide and the people who work with us to enjoy a satisfying activity .

MATERIALS: We only use leathers from meat industry. We do not use any leather of exotic animals. We do not use leathers from animals not raised for food as the main destination. All materials (leather, fabrics etc.) are of domestic origin with the best quality , which assure us that have been tampered with working conditions following the Spanish and European legislation.
Dyes try to be as less harmful to the environment. We use recyclable paper bags and easily reusable cloth bags , that can be washed and can be used for long.

OUR PEOPLE: We believe in the DIGNITY of all people and that everyone deserves a hope , and the best way is through their work.
Everything we design and make is handmade in our workshop in Madrid. Most of our production comes out of this workshop , a draft employment of Caritas Madrid, supported by the BBVA organization , which trains students in the textile and leather goods manufacturing , but also in labor dynamics and where working women at risk exclusion. People who work with us are hired by law and people who work as freelance , which are discharged in the registers of autonomous etc. and a worthy according to their knowledge .

INSPIRATION: Art, cinema and theater, but mainly, the people and nature.

LEITMOTIV: For us, one of the pillars of the economy and the world balance is responsible consumption in order to keep the planet in which we live and to make coherent use of natural means available .

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