Azzi And Osta

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beirut / lebanon

Graduation year


Azzi & Osta is a Beyrouth-based couture house founded by the designer-duo George Azzi and Assaad Osta. Born in 1986, the two grew to nourish their creative urges through various influences, sharing a love for all things bespoke. Inspired by his grandmother who was a tailor, Azzi spent his childhood creatively piecing together scraps of fabric. In parallel, Osta found his love for fashion alongside his mother, a perfectionist who used to sew her own dresses by hand. The duo would then carry their passion for design into Esmod Beyrouth where they enrolled in 2004. Upon presenting their final collections, Azzi received the Prize of The President of The Jury Mr. Elie Saab and Osta was awarded the Prize of The Jury. With their diplomas and awards in hand, they both joined the Elie Saab Fashion House as Assistant Designers. Enriched by their experience and training with Mr. Elie Saab himself, they set out to create the Azzi & Osta couture house in 2010. The signature style was then quickly established; a style highlighted with its challenging conceptual volumes that are vintage at soul. Azzi & Osta creates unique, elegant and eclectic couture pieces for the modern elegant woman.

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