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Azzi & Osta defines a new era of elegance built upon a respect for the techniques, principles and codes of Haute Couture. Fashioned through a unique sensibility, a highly orchestrated yet seemingly effortless signature style is captured through a singular vision and unique creative energy that lies at the intersection between controlled technical mastery and unrestrained artistic flair.

Signature sculptured silhouettes are formed through masterful manipulation of fine structured fabrics balanced by an exquisite lightness. Tulle and lace craftsmanship give rise to exaggerated swirly volumes infused with a modern romanticism carried on an underlying vintage soul, elegantly transcribed for the modern woman.
Rich narratives are woven through every collection. Each creation, individual hand-worked embellishment and intricate embroidery is a carefully considered and authentic artistic representation of a chapter of the story; the handwriting that translates the highly technical into the imaginable, that transforms dreams into reality.

Many exceptional women that have chosen to wear Azzi & Osta including, Her Majesty Queen Rania Al-Abdullah, Beyoncé, Cardi B, Heidi Klum, Zhou Dongyu, Ashwari Rai Bachan, Jasmine Tooks, Eva Longoria Baston, Sharon Stone, Sonam Kapoor and Kendall Jenner.

Azzi & Osta subscribes to slow fashion, producing high-quality creations that stand the test of time. Pieces are produced on-demand, mitigating any surplus. This principle means that fabrics are not purchased in bulk. Wherever possible, they source sustainable materials and limit consumption by repurposing both fabrics and embroideries from an extensive library amassed over the years. By employing local artisans and local production, communities are engaged, and the carbon footprint is reduced.

So, too, George and Assad’s commitment to sustainable business practice is rooted in the daily operations of their atelier. The packaging is minimal, and they maintain rigorous recycling measures. And, as the brand aims to achieve zero waste, any fabric remnants are donated to emerging designers and given a second life.
In a brand imbued with kindness, Azzi & Osta remains resolutely animal- skin free.

With their elevated eye for beauty and an unconventional approach uniting in perfect harmony, George and Assaad have created a unique and instantly recognizable signature style that is unmistakably, Azzi & Osta.