Aysha Bilgrami

Black Sheep


bogotá / colombia


istituto marangoni (milano)

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We celebrate the diversity of the world through cultural fusions that are a reminisce of our roots, that share our knowledge and blend ethnicity with the modern and the contemporary, providing new value and meaning to today's world crafts. Each collection stems from a thorough investigation that tells a story about a mixture of origins that is then translated into everyday statement pieces.

All our jewelry is made from sterling silver and sterling silver with 24K gold vermeil. We do not use traditionally mined silver, instead we use recycled and refined silver from x-rays.

Aysha Bilgrami is a Fashion Designer from the Istituto Marangoni of Milan. After working for six years in different areas of the insdustry, she found in jewelry the possibility of mirroring her ideas and identity, expressing her essence in each design.
Born to a Colombian mother and a Pakistani father, she calls herself Pakilombian. Her origins have made her a blend and a union of two cultures with unimaginable wealth and rich in diversity.

Aysha Bilgrami launched her first collection in Bogotá in 2014 in 8424 Estudio, a commercial space of emerging designers where she exhibited and sold her jewelry for two years. Today, Aysha Bilgrami has her own Studio/Shop at the heart of the commercial center of Bogota, where clients, in addition to buying her unique jewelry, can also learn about her source of inspiration and the history behind each collection.


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