Aysha Bilgrami

Black Sheep



bogotá / colombia


istituto marangoni (milano)

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We are the expression of origin in a contemporary tale; the fusion of cultural symbols that speak about connection and divergence between traditions: the cycle, the spiral, the sun and moon, the trance of dancing, the sound of graphemes. We are the results of constantly observing, listening and heeding the world around us, and of a permanent inquiry about how our ancestors shaped matter into ritual adornment objects. 
Our jewels are assertions of collective and individual identities; means, for those who wear them, to voice who they are. They are bearers of totems from early tribes and celebrations of earthly textures; they are metal, gold, stone; shine, fire, water, shadow. They are the result of a process that upholds, in every stage, our values of teamwork, respect, quality, truthfulness and our commitment to sustainability. We take action by giving a second life to materials we use, starting by making our jewels out of reclaimed silver from x-rays.

Born to a Colombian mother and a Pakistani father, AYSHA BILGRAMI incarnates the joyful encounter between these two very rich, yet very different cultures. Pakilombian is the term she coined to talk about her tradition and origins; a term that today signifies the myriad possibilities of bringing traditions together. From a very young age, Aysha felt the drive to draw and sketch; she saw textures and garments in her head and learnt to sew in order to make them real. The years she spent in Milan studying Fashion Design at the Instituto Marangoni revealed to her, not only how much she needed to be creative in her everyday life, but also how clothes and accessories were powerful means to express oneself. Her mix of origins led her to create a tribal-contemporary brand which is always in search of creative ways to converge cultural references into jewels. 


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