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Amy Valentine, founder and creative director in AVASAN, became a loyal lover of Kimonos, and decided to create a sustainable fashion brand that represents the meeting of cultures and the relative inclusiveness among them, as an irreversible choice to this very day. AVASAN was born as a fusion of men’s Japanese tailoring techniques and feminine lines with sustainability at its brand core.

With references from Art, theater and a modern, genderless twist, Kimono Collections by AVASAN are becoming a hit among international press and fashion buyers alike.

Born in New York and established in Spain, Amy brings a diverse background of tradition, handcraft, design experience, and aesthetic vision to her collections. The lush, individual shapes with detailed embellishments through embroidery and structures, as well as the unconventional handling of textures and the reversible designs, create fashion with couture aspects, from high-quality materials, which is handmade and limited.

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