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Jordann Santos was born in 1983 in Paris. In 2002 he concluded in art Foundation em Suffolk, U.K.

In 2006 he concluded the Fashion Design Course at Citex, in Oporto. After an intership with internacional designer Julío Waterland, Jordann worked as active creative designer at Marta's, Marta Espregueira Mendes interior design atelier.

In March 2008 he showed is first collection at the portuguese fashionweek "Portugal Fashion", were he presented the label "Autopsy".

In September 2008 the "Spring/Summer'09" collection was presented as a individual name "Autopsy" by Jordann Santos, and has ever since.

He as collaborated since then in several parallel projects from creating props for contemporary dance performers, to shorts props, to uniforms for Universities (FEUP), to designing for fundraising events (Chápeu por um sorriso).

Recently has been rewarded at the Casa Da Música by The Famous Revelation Awards,
as revelation "Designer Of The year '09 "
in women's wear.

Based in his atelier in Oporto, he continues to deepen his Autopsy creations, simultaneously executing couture elaborations for private clients.

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