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Fashion designer, born in Taipei in 1984.
Learning art since her childhood, and was always fascinated by the mysterious world and all the splendid clothes appeared in novels, comic books and movies.
With a strong desire of creating stories, she once dreamed of becoming novelist or comic artist, but eventually she found Fashion Design is her way of expression. After graduated from Sociology department in NTU, she moved to Milan and entered Istituto Marangoni for studying fashion design. In 2009, she finished her Master degree in Fashion design with full score, and received the opportunity of an internship as designer of women's ready-to-wear in Frankie Morello before the official graduation.
In 2010, she moved to Rome for working in Fendi design studio of women's wear, in which she had the very precious experience to work with creative director Karl Lagerfeld from time to time. 2013, won the gold award in a fashion design competition: Fashion in Taipei, among young designers.
At the end of 2013, Athena started her own women's wear brand: Athena Chuang.

This brand is created by the love of fantasies and stories.
Athena was always fascinated by the illusions of surreal world. She sees fashion design as her way to tell her stories and express the world in her mind to people.
For Athena, each collection is a unique story, like different movies or novels, has its own roles, atmosphere and scent. With this idea, Athena always tries to explore new combination of materials, new color palette and new silhouette according to the very theme of each collection.
Yet as a brand, an oriental elegance and unique femininity, continue through out her collections, along with the fun of mixing contrast elements, materials and ideas. The girl Athena wants to create is elegant, intellectual, and hard to define. She seems tamed, but rebel in fact.
With a special attention to material and details, Athena wants to provide a delicate yet playful world to those who always lives in imaginations, just as Athena herself.
In October 2014, Athena brought her SS 2015 collection with Asia Fashion Collection project to Tokyo Fashion Week, and in February 2015, she presented her FW 2015 collection in New York Fashion Week. 2016 Athena Chuang will presents 16FW Collection in Tokyo Fashion Week in February and in Milan Showromo, VIA.