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ASYA KRASNAYA is a Dubai-based Fashion brand for Women’s Ready-To-Wear.
It was founded by two Russian born sisters, it is inspired by the childhood days in Russia with a twist of a powerful, modern-day woman, who is working around the clock.
Design driven label operates on the accessible luxury segment. It is characterized by the authenticity, peculiarity and uniqueness of its Russian roots, mixed with the sophistication and metropolitan aspect of modern-day Dubai, New York and Western Europe.
Brand signature currant print with seasonal color interpretation and all shades of red are the main inspiration behind the brand.

ASYA KRASNAYA brand is a story about two best friends, great sisters and trusted partners Evgeniya and Elena started fashion journey in 2016, driven by a long-standing desire to find two characters in one, that would rise up to the aesthetics of a comfortable, chic, colorful wardrobe. It was their dream to have it from age of 16...
« we are living in vibrant cosmopolitan city and have a statement, which stands for excellence, comfort, ethics and uniqueness »
The signature is the brand’s design leading vision of bringing together Russian culture and lifestyle: ballet, luscious nature, cozy log houses and the tenderness of summer night at grandma’s with an extremely recognizable balance, characterized
by fresh colors, soft and good for skin fabrics, high definition of finishing and signature currant print, that form the unmistakable habitat for ASYA KRASNAYA.

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