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pearl Academy, Delhi

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ASHHUTOSSH is a sustainable luxury wear brand working with the handLoom crafts of india to empower the crafts man. The brand believes in MAINTAINING sustainable practices and giving equal respect to the crafts, craftsmen and craftsmanship. the vision is to present the world with the best of luxury fashion with the touch of traditional indian handmade textiles.

The journey behind the brand started during the covid lockdown period in sambalpur, odisha. sambalpur city is SITUATED in eastern part of india and is well known for it's handloom craft i.e. beautifully handwoven textile 'ikat'. over the months ashutosh observed that the handloom weavers from remote villages came to city and were selling their handwoven sarees from door to door. he realized that those weavers have no formal education in designing but their design execution was extraordinary.

he decided to highlight this age old weaving craft in someway and make it a part of his design journey. in 2022, he showcased his handloom collection in redress design award in hongkong and became the runners up. and thus the brand ashhutossh was born.

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