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ARTO comes to life in a palette that evokes the cultural mosaic of Lima, its place of origin. A city of paradoxes and cultural expressions from the different regions of Peru. This is our starting point, but not the end. Accents of gray, pastel and earth tones characteristic of the city are amalgamated with the dynamic spirit of kinetic art and optical art to compose a universe that inhabits through multicolored screens. In which the analog of the past and the digital of the future are amalgamated. Screens on which we build ourselves daily and generate an ode to the childhood of a generation that found a way of expression on the internet.

The silhouettes inspire a young, energetic, relaxed, sophisticated, modern spirit that is materialized in different textiles such as denim, cotton, eco-friendly, among others that are displaced by local factories and users to give them a second life. ARTO reinterprets restored and intervened environments over time in the city and in the country. In which cement, sand, stone, adobe or wood merge with the network to build a universe in which the Peruvian identity is revalued.

Designed and manufactured in Lima, Peru.ARTO is a modern reinvention of the aesthetics of the 90s that is embodied in high-concept sportswear and timeless streetwear that consists of different applications and manual interventions. Core design style.

ARTO offers durable, functional and practical pieces for the day-to-day when it can be hectic and for the nightfall when new adventures can be undertaken. It is an amalgamation that exposes the heritage, thoughts and origin of the Peruvian founder of the sustainable brand ARTO, Lady Ann Pachas Tito.


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