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istituto marangoni (milano)

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“We build upon imperfection to become a whole, plaid the pieces to an ensemble”
‘Āroka’ derives its name from the light coruscating through woven cloth, which is deemed as
the celebration of the imperfect. Founded by Karan Ahuja and Shweta Agarwal in 2018, the
ready-to-wear label honours the beautiful tension between traditionality and sophistication
by reworking the basics, mixing materials and styles to reveal the part of us that is always
At the heart of Āroka, the label is fuelled by the belief that outgrowing the social norm is the
only way to fit into your definition of normal. Mixing styles together and finding yourself is in
the midst of chaos is where fashion makes one feel at home. This philosophy finds
expression in the distressed aesthetic that entwines with layered textures and the
exaggerated silhouettes crafted from raw and handwoven fabrics.
Powered by the firm belief that clothes are meant to be as free-spirited as the wearer, each
garment invites individuals to explore their true form. The distressed details allude to a worn
and beloved look. By connecting clothes to emotions, the contemporary label’s offering
welcomes that what moves people by connecting with their passion and ardour.
About the founders: Conceptualised in 2018, Āroka is the brainchild of Shweta Agarwal and
Karan Ahuja. As an alumnus of the prestigious Istituto Marangoni – Fashion School of Milan,
Shweta is the Creative Director of Āroka, while Karan is the Managing Director responsible
for running the entire business.