arianna fiorillo

Grey Sheep



florence / italy


Polimoda International Institute of Fashion Design & Marketing (Firenze)

Graduation year


My name is Arianna Fiorillo.
I come from Caserta,in the South of Italy.
When I was 8 I loved playing with my dolls and creating clothes for them with my mother's dust rags.
When I was 13 I loved going to old markets looking for vintage clothes,bags,glasses.
I have continued to love vintage clothes,making creations by me for me.
My parents have never wanted me to enter these kinds of contests and so I attended the schools they wanted,I graduated but never in the field of fashion design.

I thought about me and my happiness so finally at the age of 26 I decided to attend Polimoda to find myself and to fulfill my dream.
Now I am a fashion designer.
This is only a small part of me but it is me!

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