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Arethé Stockholm is a contemporary Swedish fashion label founded by couple Alina Bendikova and Reza Alipour. The debut collection was released on September 2014 with a small range of ready to wear garments for women. The collection pieces came in muted colours with a strictly commercial approach.
The brand continues to operate with two seasonal collections per year in small limited editions consisting of garments that can easily transform from day to night, focusing on details, exclusive materials and execution.

Arethé Stockholm is announced as Fashion Entrepreneur of the year at Show Up fashion award, a design competition that takes place annually in Borås.

Arethé Stockholm is chosen to be one of finalists to participate in Swedish Fashion Talents, a goodwill project run by the Swedish Fashion Council The brand operates via retailers and open its first small shop above the showroom in December 2015, located in central Stockholm, where Arethé Stockholm stays until late 2018.

The retail crises impacts Arethé Stockholm and leave its founders to make a choice between either shut down or reinvent themselves in a way that is completely true to personal taste and values
By late 2018 Arethé Stockholm moves to their current location at Rörstrandsgatan 38, where creative change and redesigning the brand is taking place.

During press days in April, Arethé Stockholm shows its first studio collection, as a preview of the upcoming new concept and creative direction for the brand
The name of the collection is Reborn - Studio Collection 01. All pieces in the collection are remade from old unsold commercial stock dating back to the debut collection. With an aim on zero waste, the unsold commercial pieces are transformed in unexpected and creative way.
The new concept and products will be launched in September 2019 on website...

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