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Arethé Stockholm was founded by couple Alina Bendikova and Reza Alipour in 2014.
After years working in an old fashioned fashion system, following trends and industry “musts”, we came to a breaking point where we couldn’t see our brands purpose in this world anymore. We were tired of making product that we didn’t stand behind, focusing only on selling and commercial approach, so in 2018 we decided it was time for a change. To either shut down or rethink our whole concept and the way we are making a fashion product.

So we decided to create something new under the same brand name, Arethé Stockholm would become a brand with a heart. We reshaped our whole concept, incorporating good values and responsible decisions in everything that we do without compromising on design or quality. So from now on we are committed to making a beautiful product, which promotes sustainability, fair fashion system and inspires to a more responsible consumer culture.

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