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Araminta was born out of a desire to create killer clothes that don’t kill the environment.

Our design vision is to develop elegant and high quality fashion that you can love and wear over and over again. We believe in wearable clothes that don’t wear out the world.

In the beginning, Araminta’s Founder and Creative Director, Gillian Mead, had been conducting some research for the University of Oxford and toured some appalling factories supplying top high street retailers. The workers had no masks, protective gear and in some cases, even shoes. The factories were dark and excruciatingly hot with old and inefficient machinery, chemical dye sludge all over the floor and an overpowering stench of chemicals in the air that hurt the head, throat and lungs within moments. The dyes were being washed away into the main water systems and open drains. The factories were often surrounded by farmland where crops were growing. This experience shaped the decision to start Araminta as a creative outlet in order to support environmentally conscious manufacturers to grow.

Our design ethos is to bring classic understated elegance to contemporary fashion through our ethical casual line. Araminta is a British contemporary lifestyle brand. Our designs blend bold colours with elegant neutrals for an eye-catching and confident yet understated classic look. We use high quality fitted tailoring to enhance and celebrate the beauty of the female form.

Throughout the design process, Araminta is on a mission to create beautiful clothes you can wear and love that won’t wear out the world. We only source fabrics that possess eco-friendly properties and are committed to working within the industry to develop ever-more environmentally friendly processes and materials. We believe that the quality of the product is synonymous with the quality of how it was made.

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