anyango mpinga

Black Sheep



nairobi / kenya


catholic university

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United Kingdom

ANYANGO MPINGA IS NAIROBI-BORN Eco innovator who has embraced the principles of circular fashion to explore radical systems in textile design and promote conscious consumption of FASHION. SHE founded HER eponymous brand in 2015, renowned for HER reimagined white shirts; bold prints; balanced between androgyny and a bohemian aesthetic. SHE designS with an ethereal quality that is reminiscent of the romantic Victorian age while maintaining a sophisticated boyish edge. As an influential designer, SHE IS CURRENTLY exploring the use of emerging technologies that convert waste into future textiles.

Having created a social enterprise, her initiative Free As A Human tackles the human crisis of the explorative labor practices of the fashion industry. Free As A Human raises awareness around Human Trafficking and the forced labour that occurs within the fashion industry supply chain. My initiative supports the work of Awareness Against Human Trafficking (HAART Kenya), the first Non governmental ORGANISATION dedicated to combating trafficking in East Africa. I donate profits from sale of merchandise towards the HAART Kenya shelter for young female survivors of trafficking.

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