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Anyango Mpinga is a Fashion Designer and Social Activist who was born and raised in Nairobi, the land of cool waters. Formally trained in Media Studies, she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Communication with a Major in Radio Production and worked in the Media Industry as an Event and Public Relations Manager, a Product Development and Branding Consultant and also as an On-Air Radio Presenter. While serving as project director for the first edition of Hub of Africa Fashion Week in Addis Ababa in 2010, and playing host to some of Africa’s fashion talent, she was inspired to take her love for fashion beyond a hobby which she enjoyed. She returned to Nairobi thereafter and started her clothing line Kipusa in 2011. Her vision was to create a brand that is synonymous with elegance, authenticity and style. She re-branded and launched her eponymous contemporary womenswear brand Anyango Mpinga in 2015. Anyango’s brand is part of a growing Slow Fashion movement, which emphasizes a more conscious consumption of fashion products, focusing on a clean, transparent supply chain that is sustainable and ethical. Her designs are not tied to a fashion season as she focuses on creating sustainable, trans-seasonal statement pieces. She is often inspired by her cultural heritage; weaving a tapestry of modern and traditional elements to create luxurious, ready to wear pieces that are authentic in design and timeless in appeal. She is the Founder of the Free As a Human, which is an Anti-Human Trafficking Initiative that rallies against the exploitation of young girls, the use of forced labor, child labour and enslavement of humankind. Her initiative supports the work of HAART Kenya, by donating profits from the sale of FREE AS A HUMAN branded items, towards a shelter for young, unaccompanied female victims of trafficking between the ages of 6-18.

Anyango’s influences are drawn from her spiritual life as a Bahá’í, her love for the arts, her travels and her rich multi-cultural heritage. In 2014, Anyango was selected as one of the top finalists in the in the competition “Africa Designers for Tomorrow” organized by Berlin agency FA 254. Her work has been featured in several regional and international media to include Almanach, the official magazine for Berlin Fashion Week and Vogue. Her work is also featured in the coffee table book “MTINDO- Style Movers Rebranding Africa”, photographed by award winning photographer Daniele Tamagni and edited by founder of FA 254 Waridi Schrobssdorf; and coffee table book “Not African Enough- a Fashion book by the Nest Collective. She is featured in Susan Githuku’s coffee table book “Aspirations of a Generation”- Youth of Kenya, a Collective of the musings of 80 young people from Kenya. In 2015 Anyango was nominated Designer of the Year at the Kenya Fashion Awards. In 2016 she received the She Trades Collective (ITC Geneva). Anyango’s work is a testament of her love for art in motion while creating sustainable incomes for the artisans she works with across the globe.

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