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ANYA BAGHDASSARIAN is the eponymous brand of the Armenian-American fashion designer.

Having studied fine arts from the ages of 5 until 18, when she completed her studies, Baghdassarian moved to Paris, where she studied fashion design at ESMOD Paris and graduated in 2022, specialising in Nouvelle Couture.

Combining her two main passions of art and fashion, her designs transcend from just ordinary clothes, to meticulously sculpted pieces, and in turn, poetic collections that each tell a new story.

Focusing on her creative process of deconstructing second hand garments, that was honed during her time in university, lends itself to creating new and fascinating reinterpretations of classic pieces.

Each collection is inspired by various elements such as architecture, literature, history, but most importantly exploring the depths of our, often flawed, human nature and the darkness we suppress within ourselves and as a society.

With this ethos, Anya Baghdassarian has chosen fashion design as her artistic medium for expressing the things that are often difficult to convey with words, and capturing such enigmatic topics through intelligent and innovative designs.

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