Grey Sheep


helsinki / finland

Antti Henrik Asplund was born under the starry sky in Oulu, Northern Finland in December 1981. Well, actually it was a normal grey winter day, but he can't remember.

He spent his childhood playing in theathre group and in real life, escaping to his own dark world where anything was possible. In spring 2000 he packed his hats and feathers and moved south to find his home in Helsinki.
He then studied both General Linguistics and Fashion, but dropped out to work under his own name and tell his stories to a real audience.

He is an obsessive coffee drinker and a chain smoker, dances to trashy disco music and loves to fall in love.

His workshop is a shady cellar, a rabbit hole away from reality. He uses masks to cover his tired eyes and wears crosses to protect his broken heart.

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