Grey Sheep


vienna / austria


domus academy,milan,italy

Graduation year


Antoaneta Stereva:
Fashion Design at the Domus Academy, Milan
Knitwear Design at Linea Piú, Florence
Fashion Design courses and workshops at Saint Martin College for Art and Design, London
Own jewellery production since 2003
Jewellery presentations for the Vienna Festival for Fashion and Photography, Vienna since 2005
Jewellery presentation at “be ON “, vol.1 , Tokyo, Japan, 2013

Designer’s Statement:

My collections contain reproducible classics and handmade unique pieces with great atten-tion to detail. I draw inspiration from the changing styles since the turn of the century, from the rare and the everyday that flow through my work. By taking elements of the past I recreate them with a modern tone. The unity of opposites like light and dark, symmetrical and asymmetrical, dense and delicate meets in my collections.
The body of my work consists of finely high-tech woven copper threads that are a product of a state of the art production process. The carefully selected vintage pearls, stones and vintage textiles can be described as the heart and soul of my designs.
My jewellery collections are available in boutiques, concept stores and art galleries in Vienna and Sofia.
Any piece is unique, handmade and designed in Vienna.

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