Black Sheep


paris / france



Graduation year


Creator of ANT/.EI, Maeva Bouyer is a young designer graduated with a degree of design and fine arts, and a bachelor of fashion design.
Her aesthetic turns around contrasts and oppositions, inspired by arts and performance. It's about self-vision, language, speaking. It’s a personal story. Assume great sensitivity and depression. Assume the fact of being multiple. Like a discipline of arthouse, carried by a sociological need, her posture, her reflection and their fields of expression are many. To let go, to live things as vividly as possible, to seek the limit. Everything is at stake, all the time.
What matters to her is the place of body and action, as a medium of sensations and expressions. How does this body evolve in an unstable, brutal environment?
Transposing in an «analog» way an inner process by deconstructing the garment to recompose another language, guiding the gaze, pointing out the invisible flaws. Rediscovering the garment and its intimate connection with the body, in relation to memory and the marks of time.

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